Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Realtors: 4 Mistakes You're Making With Your QR Code Marketing Campaign

by Steven Stephens

Are you a real estate agent or broker? Have you been trying your hand at QR code marketing but seeing less than stellar results? QR codes are great marketing tools, but their effectiveness is diminished if they aren't used correctly. If you're running a QR code marketing campaign that just doesn't seem to be getting the results you were expecting, check out these four things you might be doing wrong.

1. You Aren't Linking To Mobile-Optimized Sites

Your QR codes do little good if the sites they're linked to don't perform well on mobile devices. It's frustrating for mobile users to open up a site where they have to scroll from left to right to read the text or where the buttons are so small that they have to blow up the screen to click on them. If you haven't already done so, optimize the websites your QR codes are linked to for mobile devices or hire a tech professional to do it for you. The goal is to limit load time and make sure the sites can be easily navigated on even the smallest of smartphone screens. 

2. You're Aren't Divulging Your QR Codes' Intents

QR codes are super versatile. Among other things, they can be programmed to pull up a certain real estate listing, to directly dial a phone number, to automatically input your contact information into a mobile device, or to instantaneously create a calendar event on a smartphone or tablet. Potential home buyers want to know exactly which one of these occurrences will happen when they go ahead and scan your code. 

Try to include a brief description of each QR code's intent directly below the code. Use short phrases such as "call (real estate broker's name) now" or "see the virtual tour of this property". Your customers are more likely to scan your codes if they know what the outcome of doing so will be.

3. You Aren't Putting Them In The Right Places

For maximum exposure, you want your QR codes placed everywhere you can't be readily available to answer questions. If the only codes you have are on flyers sitting on your office desk, this isn't going to do much good. Generate QR codes for each of the properties you're trying to sell, and link them directly to the property listings for those homes. Place the codes on property signs and the homes' lock boxes. This will allow potential home buyers to get all the information they need in a hurry, whether you're there to assist them or not.

4. You Aren't Providing A Backup Plan

While smartphone users love the convenience of QR codes, there are some instances in which they can't take advantage of them. For example, codes sometimes won't register if they're scanned on a phone that has a dirty camera lens, and a user obviously won't have much luck if their phone's battery is dead when they happen upon a QR code.

Make sure any potential home buyer that sees your code and wants to know more about a listing has a backup plan by including a small link below the code. The link should direct device users to the exact same content that the corresponding QR code does, and it should be short enough to jot down in a hurry for those with dead phone batteries. 

To shorten a long URL, just type into your web browser and follow the prompts.

QR codes can be excellent marketing tools for those in the real estate industry, but only if they're used correctly. If you're a realtor that has been unsuccessful with a QR code marketing campaign, consider whether or not you're making any of the above mistakes. For more information on how to draw more traffic with QR codes, contact a real estate marketing professional who specializes in quick response marketing from a company like Homecodec


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