Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Attending A Home Showing? What To Look Out For

by Steven Stephens

Once you've found a home listing that really interests you, your next step will be to view it in person. Your agent can set up a home showing, where you can tour the house in private and decide if it is one that you really want to make an offer on. Here is what you should be looking out for during the showering.

Water Damage In the Basement

A problem with basements is that some are prone to flooding. Thankfully, you can get an idea about if the basement has had water in it just by looking around. Start by looking at any exposed walls, and see if there are any notable horizontal lines on them close to the floor. If so, this may be a sign that water was pooling in the basement from flooding. It could either be from a sewer backup or foundation damage, but you won't know the answer unless you ask the homeowner.

You may also be able to smell the damage in the form of a mildew smell in the air. A damp basement is definitely something you don't want to deal with as a homeowner, and these problems may be worth skipping the home and going back to searching.

Age of Appliances

One expense you'll eventually have to pay for is replacing your big appliances. Furnaces, air conditioners, and water heaters don't last forever, and there will come a point where they break down once and for all. Determining the age of these appliances is a little bit harder than expected, because it may not be in plain sight.

For a furnace, try removing an access panel on the unit to see the printed information inside, which would reveal the manufacturing date. Water heaters have this information printed on the outside of the tank. Washers and dryers will have the info on the rear of the unit with the serial number.

Old appliances are certainly not a reason to walk away from a home, but it will help you be prepared for needing to replace the units soon after you move in.

Plumbing Lines

While you are inspecting the water heater, look at the water lines that are coming out of the tank. Are they made of copper, or look like an aging metal pipe? If it is the latter, that means there is galvanized plumbing in the home. These plumbing lines will eventually need replacement, since they rust from the inside. Water pressure eventually decreases, and the pipe can potentially break due to corrosion on the inside. Once again, it's another replacement cost you should be prepared for before you make an offer.


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Selling Your House?

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