Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Should You Buy A Home With A Pool?

by Steven Stephens

If you are looking for a home in Casta Del Sol and you are thinking about buying one with a pool, then you should make sure this is what you want. If you move into a home with a pool on a spur of the moment decision then you may find you aren't as happy as you thought after you live there for a while. You should consider the following factors when deciding whether or not you really want to buy a home that comes with a built in pool:

Are you going to swim enough to get a good amount of usage out of the pool?

You may think you like the idea of having a pool, but you should give some extra thought to how much you will realistically be using it. If you can see yourself swimming in the pool maybe a couple of hot days in the summer, then it may not be worth the maintenance. For those couple of days you want to swim, you may be able to go to a friend's house who has a pool or even to a community pool.

Do you really want to give up that piece of your yard?

You want to consider whether you would get more enjoyment out of a yard that offers you other amenities like a garden area or pond over a yard that gives you a pool. Also, if most of the yard is taken up by the pool and you have dogs or kids that would rather be playing ball in the yard than swimming, then you want to take that into consideration.

Are you ready for the maintenance that comes with a pool?

You can't ignore a pool. If you do, then it will turn green and black. This can pose a health risk and will draw in tons of mosquitoes that will keep you from being able to enjoy any part of your backyard. You can take care of the pool on your own, but you should know this includes weekly sweeping, vacuuming, and chemical testing and replacement. You can also pay a pool person to come and take care of it for you, but this will be an added monthly expense that you will have to take on and keep up with year-round.

Are you ready to constantly protect everyone from pool danger?

When you have a pool you will need to keep a constant eye on any kids that live in the home and any that come to visit. You may also have a dog that isn't pool savvy and you will need to make sure you watch them and train them on how to get to the steps if they should fall in. Putting up a gate around the pool can help, but you will still want to make sure kids are constantly supervised just to be on the safe side.


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Selling Your House?

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