Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Tips For Staging A Home When You Have Little Counter Space

by Steven Stephens

Having a lot of counter space is considered a perk in most situations. People need counter space to keep life organized, enjoy the convenience of preparing things on counters, and the charm that they can provide to nearly any décor. However, one time when you are probably not going to miss counter space is when you are staging a home.

Since you don't want to include a lot of personal effects in your home when you're staging it for a real estate agent's showing or an open house, not having a lot of counter space can be a perk. Here are tips to make the most of the lack of counter space when staging your home.

Hang Area Necessities on the Wall

One thing you don't want to do is draw a lot of attention to the lack of counter space in the home. Your real estate agent may offer a plethora of advice on staging the home to maximize its assets, and one clever trick is to hang the necessities one would need in a room on the wall.

Hanging attractive accessories can add interest to the wall areas and distract from the fact that things are hung up because of the sparse counter space. For example, in the kitchen, consider hanging pots and pans all in a row. In a bathroom, you may opt to hang up toothbrush holders, containers for toiletries, and extra towel holders.

Embrace the Beauty of Baskets

Baskets can be the best friend of someone who is short on counter space. One of the functions of counter space is to hold and store things. Baskets can do that even more effective and with a more attractive flair. You may opt for baskets of many different sizes to add variety throughout a home.

Choose baskets that accentuate the best qualities of each room. Wicker baskets and wooden baskets tend to give a home a more upscale look than plastic baskets. Also, choose neutral colors for the most part when choosing baskets that will be most appealing for a home staging.

Finally, keep in mind that staging your home is easier than you may imagine it will be. Your real estate agent has probably staged many homes, so know you have a good source you can rely on if you need help staging your home. You can turn many quirks of your home into its strengths with smart strategizing and careful staging. 


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