Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

3 Tips That Can Help You Avoid Home-Buying Headaches

by Steven Stephens

Your home is important to you, if you're like most. Searching the area for a new place to lay your head can be a big undertaking, especially when you aren't used to how the process goes. While your real estate agent can provide a lot of help, you can also avoid headaches and stress with these suggestions.

Use a List

Your thoughts about purchasing a special home may include walking into a charming Colonial home, loving it, and signing a contract right away. However, those rosy thoughts might start to fade after weeks of looking at homes that aren't quite what you'd hoped for. To keep morale up and make it more likely that you'll find a property you truly enjoy, get serious about using a priority list. Such a list might include a detached garage or a fully finished basement; whatever you need to feel content with a house should be written down. The list can then be handed to a real estate broker and the agent or team that will work on finding you properties that contain those things you need. You can avoid the headache of having to walk and drive all around to look at places you don't really like; you can stick to those which would be acceptable.

Investigate Property Lines

Often overlooked during the purchasing process are the actual boundaries of a property. Every deed contains a land description, but many times that language isn't paid attention to, as long as the seller is able to explain how far the property extends. However, this could be a problem in the future. If the seller is unaware of the real property lines, when you go to put up a new vinyl fence, a neighbor could challenge that action because you are legally using part of their land. If a tree falls, you might not realize you're the one responsible for removing it if you don't know the true boundaries of the property.

Therefore, get assistance from a land surveyor or another real estate professional that can help explain the property lines in place before you purchase any house.

Talk to Police

Once you've decided that you're really happy about a house, don't forget about the community that surrounds the place. You need to be confident that your family is going to enjoy safety and security. If the area is new to you and you want to learn more, the real estate professionals working with you can give a good description. For even more accurate information, checking with the police in the house's neighborhood can be even more effective. They will be able to advise your family about recent crimes and the general climate.

Allow these tips to save you from too many headaches when you're about to make the purchase of a wonderful home. Your real estate broker can guide you even further.


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Selling Your House?

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