Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Buy A Home Close To Manhattan Where You Can Go Fishing

by Steven Stephens

If you're an avid fisherman, you work in Manhattan, and you are in the market for a new home, then you should pick out a place that will let you enjoy your passion for fishing while also not being too far away from the city. Lucky for you, Manhattan is close to awesome deep sea fishing locations, as well as some famous fly fishing spots. So, with that said, this list will cover three locales. Two locations will be close enough to the city to be good for a primary home, while the other location is best suited for a vacation spot.

Long Island: Specifically Montaulk (Vacation Home) and The North Shore (Primary Home)

Long Island has some of the areas best fishing. It stretches out into the Atlantic ocean, and also has exposure to the Long Island Sound. There are two areas to consider. The north shore of Long Island is situated on the Sound. It's calmer water than what you find on the south shore. You can find homes lining the north shore with easy access to the water. The area is very exclusive, so if you're looking for a really safe and peaceful area, the north shore is perfect. People on the north shore can go out on the sound and fish during the afternoon and be back for dinner. It's also super fast to get into New York city, especially if you choose an area such as Glen Cove or Bayville. You can drive in on the route 25A.

If you head out all the way east on Long Island, then you will run into Montauk. This is where you will find deep sea fishing aficionados . The area is out past the super exclusive Hamptons area, and is much more relaxed. That said, it's no longer as remote and rustic as it once was. If you watch the television show The Affair, you can get a sense of the neighborhood. The area is quite far out on the Island (it's nicknamed the End by some) so it's better to look here only for a vacation home. You don't want to spend 6 hours a day commuting on the train to and from Penn Station.

If you are a die hard deep sea fisherman, though,  there is no better place on the east coast this close to Manhattan. The homes in Montauk used to be primarily cottages and bungalows, but as it has become more popular with Manhattan residents, the homes are now more modern and you can find everything from ranch styles to colonials.

Westchester: New Rochelle (Primary Home)

If you prefer Westchester, then the perfect place to look for your new home is New Rochelle. It's right on the water, and you will be able to take your boat out on the weekends and fish the Long Island Sound. If you look south across the sound from New Rochelle, you will be looking at the North Shore of Long Island. So, you will get the same amazing fishing experience that people on the North Shore get. The homes in New Rochelle are large, with big back yards, which is great if you have kids. However, if you're looking for a condo, then you can also find lots of town-homes or multi-unit apartment developments (something you won't find much of on the North Shore of Long Island).

It's also super easy to get into Manhattan. You can simply take the Metro North right into Grand Central. Plus, New Rochelle is one of the bigger cities in Westchester, so you will have lots of nearby shopping.


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