Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Top Walk-Through Tactics When Selling Your Home

by Steven Stephens

When selling your home, it will soon be time to invite potential buyers inside. Those who aren't prepared for this aspect of the process often jeopardize their chances of a sale by committing basic mistakes. If you would like to learn more about how to ensure a successful walk-through, read on. This article will discuss three highly effective tactics to employ.

Radically Declutter

The tough thing for most people is that the process of selling their home generally coincides with the process of moving out. This relationship greatly increases the presence of clutter, thanks to the fact that you will be busy organizing and packing your belongings. If you aren't smart here, you may scare away potential buyers by making your home feel much smaller and less open that it really is.

You want to make it easy for a buyer to gauge the size, accessibility and flow of your house. The strategy here is simple: get as much stuff as possible out of your home. Strongly consider renting a storage unit to help you with this task. It will give you a great place to store unneeded items, thus allowing your home to display itself unimpeded.

Improve Lackluster Features

Obviously, it isn't necessary to remodel your home completely prior to selling it. Yet, if you can spruce up certain rundown features, you will be doing yourself a huge favor in the long-run. Even little improvements will contribute to the feeling that the house has not been quite so lived in--a subtle psychological distinction that will predispose buyers in your favor. Easy improvements include any of the following:

  • whitening old tile grout
  • installing new shower curtains
  • upgrading cabinet and drawer hardware
  • eliminate leaky faucets or spigots
  • ensure your doors open and close easily and smoothly

All of these little thing will quickly add up, leading to a favorable impression of your home.

Ditch Fido

You may love your family's pets more than anything--but that doesn't mean that total strangers will. In fact, the presence of pets during a walkthrough will almost certainly make a prospective buyer more wary about your home. They will suddenly find themselves worrying about things like urine stains, dander, and soiled carpets. The best thing you can do is give the impression that you do not share your home with an animal. Consider boarding your pets--or leaving them with a sympathetic neighbor--before conducting a walkthrough. And don't forget to hide any litter boxes, chew toys, or other pet accessories.

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