Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Did Your Purchase Attempt Fall Through? Here's What To Do Next Time

by Steven Stephens

It's a rude awakening when you think that you've made an offer on a house that a seller has accepted, but then something derails the process and the purchase falls through. You may feel a little shell-shocked in the wake of this event, but it's important to know that these things do occur. Don't start to think that buying a home isn't for you. Instead, be courageous and resume your search for a home that fits your criteria. Pretty soon, you may be submitting an offer on another residence, and there's a good chance that this one will go through. Here are some lessons that you can learn from a real estate purchase attempt falling through.

Get Financial Pre-approval

Sometimes, a real estate transaction will fall through if you leave trying to secure a mortgage until too late. In some of these cases, the lender will feel as though the house you're trying to buy is too expensive for you, and this can end the sale prematurely. An important lesson for you to learn is to get your mortgage pre-approval right away. After you meet with the lender one or more times, you'll have a clear idea of what you can spend for the house, and won't have to worry about this issue derailing you again.

Know Exactly What You Want

There are buyers who get attracted to a certain house, submit an offer, and then realize that they'd actually rather buy something else. This behavior can be challenging for not only you, but also for your real estate agent and the seller, both of whom will think that a deal is about to be completed, only for you to change your mind. It's OK to get right back into search for a house to buy, but you should constantly be evaluating exactly what you want so that you're only looking at residences that fit your criteria.

Communicate With Your Agent

Given that there are many different reasons that a real estate transaction can fall through, you'll want to talk to your real estate agent to ensure that you fully understand what has transpired. Often, the issue will relate to the seller, rather than you, but it's valuable if your agent can tell you if you played any role in the problem. Constant and clear communication with your agent is critical to keeping the entire real estate process going as smoothly as possible as you move forward.


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Selling Your House?

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