Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Is A Home Inspection The Only Inspection You Need When Buying A House?

by Steven Stephens

If you are getting ready to buy real estate for sale, there is a good chance you might not know a lot about the home-buying process. One question you may have involves the inspections you should get before you close on a house. If you get a home inspection, will you need other inspections? This is a good question to talk to your real estate agent about, and this is some of the advice he or she may offer to you.

A home inspection reveals a lot, but it doesn't tell everything

Home inspections are always a good idea when buying a house, and they reveal a lot about a house; however, they do not always tell everything. The inspection will tell you the rough condition of all the systems in the house, but it might not tell you specifics that you want to know.

You should always begin your inspections with a standard home inspection, though, as it will give you a basic idea of everything about the home. This includes information about the roof, HVAC system, foundation, basement, windows, doors, ventilation, and many other areas of the home.

You should get further inspections by experts if needed

If your home inspector finds problems with anything in the house, it is always a good idea to hire an expert to complete an inspection on that particular item. For example, if the inspector feels that the HVAC system has problems, hire an HVAC company to perform a more thorough inspection so that you can find out for sure if the system has issues you will want to know about before buying the house.

Your mortgage company might require additional inspections

The other thing you should realize is that your mortgage company might require that you get other types of inspections. The inspections you need will depend on the mortgage company you choose and the type of loan package you are getting, but you should not be surprised if you are told you need a termite inspection and a sewer inspection. You might need other types as well, and your mortgage lender will let you know what types to get.

Buying a house can be confusing for first-time homebuyers, but this is why you should hire a good real estate agent. Good agents are helpful and informative, and your agent can answer any questions you might have relating to buying a house.


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Selling Your House?

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