Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

How To Choose Your Next Home If You Plan On Working From Home

by Steven Stephens

If you work from home and can see yourself working from home for many more years, and you are house hunting, then you should have different parameters from those who don't work from home. You need a place where you can do your work, whatever it is, with minimal interruptions. Here are some tips for home buying when you will be working from home:

The Area Should Be Silent

Most people work best in silence; even those who don't crave complete silence find it difficult to operate with deafening noise. Maybe you are a freelance writer or a piano tutor (who teaches in their home); you need a place where you can be productive. This means you should avoid anywhere with regular noise generations. For example, it would not be wise for you to live near a busy highway (think constant road noise), near a school playground, or near a noisy factory. If there is a source of noise in your vicinity, its noise should be shielded away from your place by an appropriate barrier such as a bushy line of trees.

It Should Provide You with a Good View

Having a good view from your window may also be a boost for your productivity. You don't want to be met by steel walls or grey buildings after sitting at your desk all day long. You need a place where you can see your favorite view when taking breaks from work. For example, if water calms you (as it does most people), then you should look for a waterfront home.

The Neighborhood Should Encourage Physical Activity

If you work from home and you aren't careful, you can fall into a sedentary lifestyle trap, which is dangerous for your health. It is easy to be a workaholic if you work from home; many of those who work from home don't take regular breaks, extend their working hours, and may even take lunch on their desks. The problem is compounded by the fact that most of these people don't invest in ergonomic workplaces.

If you want to take care of your health, look for a place that will encourage you to engage in regular physical activities. For example, it should be possible for you to jog or run around the neighborhood without getting mugged. Having a park or a gym nearby may also help you keep an active lifestyle. 

It Should Have Reliable Power

Lastly, having guaranteed power supply is also advisable for anyone who earns their living from home. This is not just about avoiding stormy areas where nature regularly messes up power delivery. Ideally, your building should have a backup power system that kicks in whenever the main supply is interrupted.


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Selling Your House?

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