Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

Touring Homes For Sale? Look Out For These Warning Signs

by Steven Stephens

Touring a home is a great way to learn about a home that pictures cannot do justice. You can more accurately gauge the size of different rooms, learn the layout of the home, and even look for warning signs that you should walk away. When touring your next home, look out for some signs that will cause you to think twice about making an offer on the home.

Obvious Neglect

As a homeowner, you cannot neglect taking care of the home over the years. Homes require a ton of maintenance, and failing to do it can lead to major repairs down the road. If you end up purchasing the home, all of those maintenance items will now be your responsibility.

That's why you want to look out for obvious signs of neglect as you tour the home. These are typically cosmetic problems that are easy to spot when you take the time to look for them.

For instance, the tile floor may be uneven, which indicates that the floor was installed incorrectly. Leaking faucets can tell you how the plumbing was not repaired by a professional. Electrical outlets and switches that do not work as are signs of electrical problems. White discoloration around the chimney exterior is a sign of a cracked chimney liner that has not been repaired.

If you notice a lot of signs of neglect when walking through a home, you may end up learning later that there are bigger problems that have been ignored. A home inspection is one way to find out exactly what problems are with the home before you close on it.

Strong Scent Masking

Is the first thing you notice when stepping into a home the overwhelming smell of potpourri, candles, or air fresheners? The current owner may be trying to mask a smell that they do not want you to notice. There may be issues with mold in the home that the owner is trying to hide from you.

Take a look in the house for signs of water damage. This includes discolored spots on the ceilings, a water line around the bottom of the basement walls, or vanity cabinets that look like they have water damage on them. If the owner is trying to hide water damage by covering the smell, it is not a house that you want to buy.

For more tips on what you should look for when touring a home for sale, speak to your real estate agent for advice.


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