Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

  • Attending A Home Showing? What To Look Out For

    Once you've found a home listing that really interests you, your next step will be to view it in person. Your agent can set up a home showing, where you can tour the house in private and decide if it is one that you really want to make an offer on. Here is what you should be looking out for during the showering. Water Damage In the Basement A problem with basements is that some are prone to flooding.

  • Want A Really Relaxing Retirement? Three Reasons To Consider Buying A Condo

    As retirement looms closer, homeowners often begin to look at their family home with new eyes. Designs and features, such as second story bedrooms or a laundry room located in the basement, that once allowed more living space for growing children suddenly become negative features, instead of positive. In addition, those who are planning for an upcoming retirement may want to explore life in another area where they can expect to be closer to their children and grandchildren, other relatives or friends, or specific needs or interests, such as medical care or recreational activities.

  • Don't Sign A Commercial Lease Without Knowing These 3 Things

    As your business starts to grow, it's natural that you'll realize that you can no longer run things from your house. A commercial office is a smart idea, but if you are not used to securing a commercial lease, it's possible that you can make the kind of mistakes that end up costing you money or causing some kind of problem. Therefore, be sure to find out the following information so you won't sign a commercial lease that ends up causing trouble for you.

  • Three Pieces Of Advice For Single Buyers

    Purchasing a home can be challenging when you're in a long-term relationship and using two incomes to qualify for the mortgage. However, it can be even more difficult when you're trying to do it on your own. If you're a single person pursuing homeownership, here are three pieces of advice that may make the process easier. Be Prepared to Be Twice as Qualified There's a saying that sometimes people have to work twice as hard to be considered half as good as another person in a more privileged position.

  • 5 Home-Buying Mistakes You Must Avoid

    You're tired of renting and decided it's finally time to buy a home of your own. Knowing that you will soon have a place that you can call your own is a pretty exciting feeling. During all that excitement, however, it is easy to make a mistake, especially if you have never purchased a home before. It's important to take things slow and consider every little factor before signing any closing papers.

  • About Me

    Selling Your House?

    Hi, my name is Jessica Williams. Thanks for stopping by my website. I have moved a number of times and in three cases I have had to sell a house. The first time I sold a house I listed it with a real estate agent. The second time I did it myself. The third time I listed with a realtor. You can probably ascertain from this information that I found listing with an agent the better route. I managed to sell my house by owner that one time, but never again. There is too much involved and too great a risk for errors. There’s a bunch of paperwork and preparation that goes into selling a house, more then I imagined. My goal here is to share my experiences with you. My hope is to make your experience as pleasant as possible.