Selling Your House?

Selling Your House?

  • Touring Homes For Sale? Look Out For These Warning Signs

    Touring a home is a great way to learn about a home that pictures cannot do justice. You can more accurately gauge the size of different rooms, learn the layout of the home, and even look for warning signs that you should walk away. When touring your next home, look out for some signs that will cause you to think twice about making an offer on the home. Obvious Neglect

  • How To Choose Your Next Home If You Plan On Working From Home

    If you work from home and can see yourself working from home for many more years, and you are house hunting, then you should have different parameters from those who don't work from home. You need a place where you can do your work, whatever it is, with minimal interruptions. Here are some tips for home buying when you will be working from home: The Area Should Be Silent Most people work best in silence; even those who don't crave complete silence find it difficult to operate with deafening noise.

  • Promote The Business You Are Selling

    If you have owned a fairly successful pizzeria for several years, but have recently decided to open a new restaurant in a neighboring town and would like to sell your current business before doing so, use the tactics that follow to assist with sealing a deal with an individual who would like to go into business for themselves.  Show Them What You've Got During a meeting with a real estate agent, make it clear how much money you would like to sell the business for and the timeframe in which you would like to sell the property.

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Selling Your House?

Hi, my name is Jessica Williams. Thanks for stopping by my website. I have moved a number of times and in three cases I have had to sell a house. The first time I sold a house I listed it with a real estate agent. The second time I did it myself. The third time I listed with a realtor. You can probably ascertain from this information that I found listing with an agent the better route. I managed to sell my house by owner that one time, but never again. There is too much involved and too great a risk for errors. There’s a bunch of paperwork and preparation that goes into selling a house, more then I imagined. My goal here is to share my experiences with you. My hope is to make your experience as pleasant as possible.